Setting off on a family adventure, with the mission of circumnavigating the globe, sounded so fun and romantic. We were all so busy at home, with work, our eldest getting ready to start school, a three year old girl (need I say more), and a new baby! We wanted to slow down, to enjoy these precious young family years as best we could. We decided that we could achieve this by putting our everyday lives on hold, and see the world.  All we needed was each other right? - Wrong.

Always up for a challenge, Jono and I knew that we could get around the world, with three very dependent, walking impaired children and whatever amount of luggage we needed to survive.  We just needed to be wise about our choices.  We had already chosen to bring along all three kids, now we just had to work out how we were going to transport them all!

How we roll

How we roll

We knew that traveling with a cumbersome double stroller for such a vast journey would be too much work, and not always logistically possible.  We had packed our Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller and a baby carrier; which had two children covered, and although Meatloaf seems to think that 'two out of three ain't bad' it wasn't going to work for us!  After doing some research we came across the Mountain Buggy Bagrider. We were obviously planning on taking carry on luggage, so a suitcase that doubles as a stroller was exactly what needed! We had all kids covered and plenty of spare hands. The added bonus in our situation, is that the padded Bagrider travelling seat can hold up to 15kg/33lbs, and fortunately our three year old, is a petite little girl, and therefore was able to 'have a change of scenery' and switch up with our baby and ride on the Bagrider also.

Making 3am transits at JFK managable

Making 3am transits at JFK managable

I say change of scenery for her, but truly it was us offering the the change of scenery to all the other travelers at the countless airports around the world. Everywhere we went, whether it be an airport in the Caribbean, an Italian train station, or walking to a bus stop in Amsterdam, we had people staring at our suitcase stroller in fascination.  It always started an interesting conversation in an otherwise long boring customs line. 

(If we had a dollar for every time we heard someone exclaim, "How cool"...... )

Although we were 'Chasing Summer', we did encounter some rain, and being hard cased, meant the Bagrider was waterproof.  I also particularly liked the dual inside compartments with a zip cover separating them.  I found this useful in strategically packing our carry on items and ease of accessing them whilst in-flight. Going through security was hassle-free, as we would get called to the stroller line, and it converts back to a carry on case with a simple one handed twist of a button.


We certainly set ourselves a challenge, and the Mountain Buggy Bagrider certainly helped us achieve!

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