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Hi! We are a kiwi family of five. Rebecca is the captain of this adventure….well really just an international flight attendant, but leading her tribe Jono, Bodie (7), Lola (5) and Summer (2) around the world! In 2017, we set off to circumnavigate the globe, all the while Chasing Summer, the season, and the baby of the family! Throughout our travels we decided to document it and share it with other like-minded families. We set up this blog, and social media channels and by collaborating with brands, we capture authentic family travel moments and help promote family orientated hotels, brands and products. We’re showing our children the world. Opening their minds, their eyes and their hearts, one adventure at a time. We love to share our experiences and by working with you we can encourage other families to do the same.


As we travel as a family, we can offer you the unique and convenient opportunity to capture real-time moments, showing our and your audience what the experience is truly like. We can do this through the following:

PHOTOGRAPHY - We can offer you images of our family enjoying your property, facilities or attraction, that are natural and true to your brand, yet relatable to other families.

SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS - We have a highly engaged audience on Instagram and Facebook. We can produce content for your social media channels, run competitions or do page takeovers. By working together you can reach our audience, and we can help yours grow.

PRESS TRIPS - If you need a family to showcase your hotel, attraction or event, we are happy to help you. We can help spread the word for you, through our blog, with genuine blog reviews, social media posts and live stories on Instagram and Facebook, all that will reach your target audience of thousands of families looking for what you have to offer!

BRAND SPONSORSHIPS - We often have other travelling families ask us about our favourite products to travel with, and we love sharing the ones we love! If you have a product that you would like tried and tested and promoted, then we we would be happy to do this for you!

REVIEWS AND BLOG CONTENT - We always write comprehensive articles on our blog, detailing every aspect of the hotel or product. As we said, we love to encourage others to experience new places and things, and love offering our advice, tips and honest opinions to our readers. We include links from our site to yours, for our readers to book a stay or purchase your product. As well as an blog post on our website, we can produce content for your own blog.

examples of our work

Here are some examples of our photos and deliverables to brands in previous collaborations:

Movenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach, Thailand. Centara Resort, Khoa Lak, Thailand. Senosta Maho Beach, St Martin, Caribbean. Mountain Buggy, Bagrider. Vanunatu Beachfront Apartments, Tekapo Springs, NZ


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